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You’ve always wanted to start your own business.  Be your own boss.  Be the boss.  You end up operating your business 80 hours a week, day after day, while your family forgets what you look like…especially since your hair starts to thin, fall out, and diet turns fast; food that is.  What does professional help mean to you?  Have you done all you can do?  Are your costs in line with industry averages?  Are your employees stealing from you?  Do you just want to know you’re on the right track?  This is why you need us, don’t you.

Company Analysis

Why don’t you have time for your life or your family?  Are you working too hard?  Are you financials in-line with the industry?  Are your employees happy, productive, upselling?  Are your customers happy?  Let us look at the whole picture from marketing to management, from customers to clients, and from the bottom line to the top line.  Let’s do it together.


Like a private detective, there are times when you just want some information.  Information is what allows you to make educated decisions.  If you knew how many people came to your store on a particular day, week, or month what would you do with that information?  Did you make the sale?  Did they look around and didn’t like what you sell?  Did they receive service quickly?  How were they treated by your staff?  

Maybe you need some research on new suppliers?  Maybe you need some research on a new store you want to open?  Maybe you need some research on the industry?  Run you business like you are in business, let us help.

RoadMap & Planning

Planning is something that used to be exciting?  Remember how you first envisioned your business?  Let’s take a step back and look at what you have and compare it to what you’ve always wanted.  Maybe your business is doing so well that it’s time to start planning additional services or new markets … you could ask you friends and family or you can use professional services like ROM Consultants.


“I can’t believe it took us this long to invest in our company.  We got a second look from ROM Consulants and we are so happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

 * Harry Spiedel, Voice of Politics

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